Friday, January 15, 2010

New Game Plan...

In the face of disaster, no plan seems to remain the same for longer than 5 minutes. This morning we hopped in the car and drove from Miami to Orlando in hopes of catching a charter flight into Port au Prince. No commercial airlines are landing in Haiti, and it is appearing that nearly all flights, including charters, are not able to land. So myself and another nurse are headed back to Miami tonight and fortunately have scheduled tickets on a commercial airline tomorrow morning, due to land in Santo Domingo, DR. Others are trying to get on another charter plane to land in Port au Prince tomorrow. We'll keep you updated as travel details unfold.

The situation in Haiti gets worse every day. There is no food or water to be found in Port au Prince, and this is putting all the people at risk of sickness, malnutrition, and death. The already violent nation is looming in uproar. This country is more devastated than any other I've encountered. It is so unfortunate that accessibility by relief organizations is nearly impossible. They need our help so much. PLEASE PRAY!!!

We are running on little sleep. In the first few weeks following disasters, I sleep maybe 3 hours per night. Please pray for strength- physical and emotional. I remember the torment my heart endured following the tsunami in Sri Lanka. I cannot imagine what Haiti will be like. Our hearts will be grieved, and we will need God's comfort and strength to fight through the pain.

Stay tuned. I'll update when we get to DR, if not before. Remember, Heart to Heart can only provide medical aid to these people with donations from individuals and companies. Please visit our website to make an invaluable contribution!


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