Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On-The-Ground Update

Please read this update from Gary Morsch, founder of Heart to Heart.

An Update from the ground in Haiti: The biggest need for the country right now is for fuel. Without fuel we are unable to deliver any aid to those in need. People also don't have fuel to power generators to pump water out of the ground. Even the U.S. military is struggling to get fuel for their vehicles. Another need we have is security.

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Gary Morsch
Gary Morsch
Survivors are getting more and more desperate for food and water and on top of that, all of the prisoners escaped from the prison. Last night at the seminary where we stayed, we heard lots of gunfire outside of the gate. We're hoping to get a volunteer security team down here to protect the medicines and other aid. The conditions here are as bad as the media has portrayed if not worse. This is worst disaster that I've ever encountered even worse than the earthquake in China because there is only one small airport here and the huge shortage of fuel. It's also a 10 hour drive through the mountains if you want to drive from the Dominican Republic. We brought enough food and water with us to last about a week so we should be fine. The rest of our team drove here from D.R. and should arrived yesterday. It's very difficult to get into Haiti. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support.
Gary Morsch
Gary Morsch
If any medical personnel are interested in volunteering please sign up at Hearttoheart.org. I don't have reliable internet access in Haiti to answer all of the messages that you may send to me.

Thank you!

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